North Carolina Book Mark Souvenir with Story Card

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Need a souvenir for you or a Chapel Hill visitor? Get a North Carolina book mark from the oldest UNC store in Chapel Hill, the Shrunken Head Boutique! Classic gold plated Tar Heel foot shaped book mark along with a story card of how the UNC Tar Heels got their name! This "Origin of the Tar Heels" book mark is a great read for anyone that is curious of how North Carolina came to be known as the Tar Heel State! 

North Carolina Tar Heels Book Mark with Story Card

Book Mark Dimensions 2.5" x 1"

Card Dimensions 3.75" x 5" 

Book Mark Details: Gold Plated Metal, Tar Heel Foot Shape, Slides over paper clip style to mark book pages, "NORTH CAROLINA Tar Heel State" stamped on the front 


"WHO KNOWS for sure how the North Carolinians got to be called Tar Heels? Nobody does, but there are several stories about it that have been told for a long time.

Some people say that when Cornwallis' British troops forded the Tar River in May 1781 on their way to Yorktown, they got stuck in tar that had been dumped in the river to keep it from being captured. During the Civil War, another relates, when troops from North Carolina, fighting in Virginia, stuck to their posts during a hard battle. President Jefferson Davis wanted to buy all the tar in North Carolina to make Virginians stick fast too.

Somebody else said that General Robert E. Lee commended North Carolina troops by saying "God Bless the Tar Heel Boys." So much tar, pitch and turpentine was produced in the pine woods of the state that outsiders started calling people Tar Heels because so many got tar stuck on their feet when they were at work.


By William S. Powell, Professor of History, University of North Carolina."