Chapel Hill Toffee

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Chapel Hill Toffee in 3 perfect sizes! 

We are so honored and excited to finally be carrying Chapel Hill Toffee- a fellow family owned business that we are so proud to sell for! Grab one of these delicious boxes of Chapel Hill Toffee in your ideal size to support local and small business! Chapel Hill Toffee is made with pecans and dark chocolate to give it the distinctive southern flavor that makes it the perfect gift or souvenir. 

Chapel Hill Toffee donates a portion of the sale of every box of toffee to the Dina's Dynasty Ovarian Cancer Fund.

Natural & Gluten Free


2 oz Box 3.375” wide, 4.75” tall & .625” deep

5 oz Box 4.75” wide, 3.75” tall & 2.125” deep

10 oz Box 5.75” wide, 4.5” tall & 2.375” deep

Chapel Hill Toffee begins with a layer of traditional English toffee spread thin and cut by hand into bite sized squares. Each piece is coated on both sides with a top-secret blend of dark chocolates. The smooth layers are finished off with the sprinkling of pecans that gives Chapel Hill Toffee its iconic look and distinctive southern twist!

We incorporate pecans throughout our toffee to give it a crispy texture and memorable nutty flavor.  We also give our candy a light sprinkling of chopped pecans as the finishing touch that gives Chapel Hill Toffee it's iconic, mouthwatering look!

Our toffee is coated with a precise blend of dark chocolates originally formulated in our home kitchen. We believe that our unique blend perfectly highlights the buttery sweetness of the toffee center and balances the nutty flavor of the pecan finish!