North Carolina Tar Heels - PTX Backpack Cooler (Navy Blue with Gray Accents)

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Thank goodness for the PTX Backpack Cooler, the food backpack, picnic backpack, travel bag and hiking cooler designed for you and all the other cross bosses out there! In one day, you got crossed out from the cross-country steeple-chase, but it gave you time to get in some cross-training before your pro-wrestling match – where you executed a gnarly cross-body-block on the Masked Crusher – plus, you were fresh enough for a pickup basketball game in which your crossover blew everyone away on the way to a vicious dunk. For every event, the PTX fit right in with its fully-insulated, water resistant and ridiculously roomy interior – stuffed with the enormous lunch you needed for all that activity. You made use of its numerous pockets to store items such as a sportswatch and your phone. At day’s end you were a cross boss on the trail, using the PTX Backpack Cooler as a hiking cooler, and cross-eyed from all the fun you managed to have with one backpack.

Dimension: 11.6" x 6.6" x 16.5" 

Features: Fully insulated, water-resistant interiors with 20 can capacity 

Padded, adjustable backpack straps

Numerous pockets for extra or isolated storage

An attachment harness to secure onto golf carts

A stretch cargo cord on exterior front to secure items such as a sweater or towel 

Care instructions: Surface wash with a damp cloth 

Materials: 60% Polyester 20% Polyvinyl Chloride 15% Polypropylene 5% Nylon 

Navy Blue with Gray Accents and Carolina Blue UNC Logo