UNC Tar Heel Calligraphy Print by Preetha

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Handwritten Pen and Ink Calligraphy Print of University of North Carolina's Iconic Tar Heel with the Lyrics to "Hark The Sound" inside.

Recognizable on the wall from a distance and beautifully handwritten lyrics which can be read when viewed up close. Adds a wonderful and unique flavor to any UNC Home.

The best gift you can get a UNC fan, period! They won't forget it.

*This artwork is officially licensed by the University of North Carolina. All rights to the collegiate trademarks used in this artwork remain the sole property of the University of North Carolina.

Dimensions and Product Information:
- Handmade calligraphy which is scanned at highest resolution and professionally printed.
- Not Framed in order to save costs for you: Works excellently with simple frame from Michael's.
- Packaged inside elegent clear sleeve with a Branded Cardboard backer to ensure stability in transit. Gift messages can also be included in the sleeve. Easy to mail directly as a gift, or already packaged elegantly for you if you are planning to give as a gift in person!


Size Options: 
- 8.5x11 on Ivory Cardstock 
- 11x17 on Ivory Cardstock